Friday, August 20, 2021

JMK Issue #1: Legend of the White Snake Maiden Physical On Sale!

 Very excited to announce that physical copies of Issue #1 of Journey to the Middle Kingdom, entitled "Legend of the White Snake Maiden," is now on sale in our store for only $5! The electronic version has been out for awhile, but because of the successful Kickstarter I ran in July, I was able to do a print run and have plenty available for sale!

10 years ago I had the idea for Journey to the Middle Kingdom. I tried a Kickstarter to get it going, but it did not take off at the time. No surprise, since I was an unknown author with an idea that was pretty off the wall: 3 American teenagers armed with magic calligraphy brushes. I put the project down for awhile, but I got the gumption to start again. I won't live with regret.

I used to study Japanese and Chinese in university and I loved the way Chinese characters looked. It was such a unique writing system. I had a fun time learning to memorize the many characters, and as I learned more, I was able to read all these great stories and tales that I didn't even know existed. I eventually even traveled to China and lived there for a few years.

The beaches of Qingdao
 Journey to the Middle Kingdom marries my love of education, storytelling, and my over active imagination. It's a story about 3 teenagers coming of age. It's a story about two lovers torn apart by a rigid, unbending priest. It's a story about traveling to new lands and finding your place in them.It's a story about what friendship really means. 

The web comic will continue to be published every Wednesday and Friday with a new page. Currently, the web comic is on Issue #2 entitled "The Princess of Yelang Part 1." I wanted the team's first adventure to be a two-parter, so that there would be enough room to tell an epic story. 

Let me know what you think at! Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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